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The Tile Shoppe: Saltillo Tiles

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2010 at 1:42 PM
Behold my kitchen floor tiles! Seriously, my kitchen is done in these exact tiles in the plain Antique Adobe color. Only mine are almost a decade old now, need to be resealed, and are looking a mite worse for the wear, whereas these are and eternally will be brand new. Yet another reason to envy Sims.

ANYWAY...saltillo tile. Saltillo tiles are terra cotta tiles in a style developed in/peculiar to Saltillo, Mexico. They are the perfect tile for desert/Santa Fe/Mission/Spanish/Mediterranean-style houses, in which they are often used throughout the entire house.

I've made two plain traditional colors plus two traditional embellishments -- floral and pinwheel -- for each color, for a total of 6 floors. There are no matching walls because saltillo tiles don't go on walls, silly. If you want walls that will go nicely with these, however, I might suggest a few of the mid-range shades from my Misted Orange plaster collection. I used one of those for the pics here.

Speaking of which, here are pics of the tiles by themselves, just plopped on the ground outside:

And here are the two basic tiles in use indoors, just 'cuz:

As usual, the files are compressed and there is a collection file included. Enjoy!