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Rudolph's Second Hand Emporium (No CC)

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Uploaded: 27th Nov 2010 at 4:11 PM
Updated: 27th Nov 2010 at 4:37 PM - forgot link
I had other neighbour-themed lounges and discos to upload in the sequence of my previous uploads, however I've had little time to take and edit proper screenshots for them.
So this time I present you with something else, a consignment store I built in the same spirit of the previous one I created for sunset valley - trying to match local architecture and game rabbit holes (or in this case, building shells) for Bridgeport.

I like the "Maxis Matching" style, so as with my other lots I did not use CC or heavy decorations, and the floors that were not used for the "shopping area" were left purposedly unfurnished, with the exception of a small room on the last floor that I used sort of office.
I do not find any use for large and heavily furnished community lots in my game, and they can slow it down if too many sims show up. I was going to use the new very useful fog and skip level tools, but then I thought some of you might want to edit those floors to suit your own taste and needs. So I leave it up to you, thou I recomend the tools (buydebug) if you're not planning to use those empty floors.

The building features a consigment shop, 2 public bathrooms (male and female) and a small office that you can access from the stairs on the back of the building (see pic above). This office has only basic and very sparce decoration, so if you intend to use it you can decor it however you like. For example, in my game I like to pretend it's my private investigator's office, since they don't have a public workplace

As you can see the shop is decorated in a "classic second-hand store style", and consist only of maxis stuff from EPs and SPs, including some from Fast Lane.

The only CC you see in these pictures is the Generation Clock, which is a free download from The Sims Store and a lot of people already have in their game, but you don't really need to download this object.

Since Bridgeport is so focused on the nightlife aspect, I paid special attention to the building's aesthetic during the nightime. I wanted a cute looking streetwalk to drive/walk by at night, so as you can see in these screens bellow, the shop windows are well illuminated and display several of the "second-hand" goods the shop has for sale: instruments, canvas paintings, toys, clothes etc. The instruments were isolated in displays, so random Sims will not barge in and start playing them for no reason and ruining the decoration. I was getting sick of "shoplifters" xD

I guess that about covers it. As usual with my policy, feel free to use/edit/modify this lot for whatever project you wish and redistribute your own version with custom neighbourhoods or whatever. Don't need to ask me permission for that, it's a very classic basic but versatile lot and I hope you enjoy it :P

Direct Link from the Exchange.

Playtested, very throughly, so you should have no problems playing it but let me know if you find anything that I might have missed. For more details see pics bellow, and if you have any questions or concerns I did not cover feel free to ask.

Have fun and happy simming!

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: -