Torrox Spanish/Southwestern Build Set Part 9 – Columns

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2010 at 3:19 PM
Updated: 3rd Dec 2010 at 8:54 PM

Apologies for having abandoned this set for so long. Here’s finally Part 9 of the Torrox Spanish/Southwestern Build Set which consists of columns – three ordinary one-storey columns, a two-storey column and two connecting columns.

As with the other Torrox Build objects, all the columns are slaved to the Torrox two-storey window and the Torrox fake staircase – both found in THIS THREAD. You must have those two objects in your game to make the columns work properly.

Ordinary columns
There are three different meshes, and if you download the recolors of the two master objects mentioned above you also get the column recolors shown below. The wood and the plaster foundation of the middle column can be recolored separately.

Two-storey column
Please note that this requires University

The two-storey column have the same recolors as the one-storey column in the middle. See them in screenshot at the bottom of the page.

Connecting columns
Two different meshes. Please note that these require Nightlife.

The wooden connecting column has the same recolors as the left one-storey column above. The plaster connecting column has the same recolors as the right one-storey column above. See all of them in screenshot at the bottom of the page.

You can use the climbing ivy from Phoenix Phaerie’s Manor Garden set to decorate the columns.

The collection file in the master thread has been updated with these columns

Catalogue placement:
Build mode – Columns at 63 simoleons
Build mode – Two-storey columns at 213 simoleons
Build mode – Connecting colums at 123 simoleons

Polygon Counts:
Ordinary column 1 – 242
Ordinary column 2 - 290
Ordinary column 3 - 50
Two-storey column – 290

Connecting column 1:
Single section – 242
End section - 534
Repeat section - 586
Corner section - 826
T-section - 878
Cross section - 930

Connecting column 2:
Single section – 50
End section - 304
Repeat section - 562
Corner section - 562
T-section - 820
Cross section -1078

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape, UV Mapper, Photoshop