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Gwyneth Paltrow

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2010 at 5:53 PM
Updated: 3rd Dec 2010 at 12:39 AM by dutch_1991

Hey all, another celeb sim from me. Yes, anonymous trolls, and there's nothing you can do about it. >:D

Gwyneth Paltrow is my favorite actress. Her acting is top notch, she is cute, absolutely gorgeous, multi-talented and she is a kind person. After watching her appearance on an episode of Glee, I decided I should give her a try.

**This sim is packed with a default base game hairstyle to avoid conflicts that a custom hair can possibly have with the game (however, as several custom hairstyles have been tested without causing the game to crash, you may also want to download one of those recommended hairstyles listed below to get a more accurate-looking Paltrow (oooh that rhymes, :3) )

***Also packed in this release is a Late Night-compatible non-default conversion of Aikea Guinea's default replacement skin. I asked for and got her permission, and made this conversion using CmarNYC's Skininator v4.1. You are required to install this skin for the sim to show up properly.

Age: Adult

-Natural Cook
-Green Thumb

Favorite food: Autumn Salad

Favorite colour: White

Favorite music: Pop

This time I've used quite a few CCs for her wardrobe, namely her everyday, formal and athletic outfits. Links to all these items are provided down there in the credits section.

And here's the actual hair that she's packed with in the release, together with the recommended hairstyles that you may choose to download and use on her:

Links to recommended hairstyles:
-Rose Hair 90 by Savio
-MYOS Natural Wavy Female Hair
-Anto 30 by Savio
-Savio Hair 13
-Savio Hair 09
-Edakraft's Peggy080920 Pooklet'd by chadgraphix at Garden of Shadows

Custom Content Included:
- Default skintone by Aikea Guinea made non-default by me. by Aikea Guinea at Club Crimsyn

Additional Credits:
Custom Items at MTS:
Contacts: Pure eyes: big pack! by flajko
Freckles: Papercat Freckle Face
Eyeliner: LASHED - Lower lashes eyeliner by aarin

Items from other sites:
Lipsticks: Plump Lipstick by Channy & Vivin
Everyday outfit: Nasty Gal Outfit at The Imaginarium of Green
Formal outfit: Dress by Lore at Lorandia Sims3
Athletic bottom: Bottom Sport Leggings at LiliSims
Athletic top: Double Sport Top at LiliSims