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Eyelids, for EVERYBODEH! *Updated 02-Sep-11*

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2011 at 11:56 PM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2011 at 11:02 PM
**Update (2 Sep 2011): Male blush version now fixed to be available for teens and elders too. Also added a costume makeup version for those who need even more options.

I know, there's nothing too special about this makeup set at first glance, but I found a reason to create it (other than the fact I need it for my upcoming Ellen Page sim)

There are a bazillions of custom skintones out there available for download, and many of them are super well-made. You squeal a little inside when you apply one those awesome skintones to your Sim and see that it's the perfect choice. And then you rage, because there's one very important, appearance-defining feature that's missing and preventing your Sim from achieving pure perfection: teh eyelids! With these eyelids, not only can you satisfy your hunger for eyelids on Sim's face, you can OVERDO it by layering the stuff as MANY times as you please and think to yourself 'Ha! Take that, skintone! Now I have all the eyelids that you deprived me of!'

So yeah, now for the technical details:

There are two styles of eyelids that I've included: one that looks like, y'know, normal eyelids, and another that adds thickness to that region around the Sim's inner eye corners, for those those who want a bit more uniqueness. Both these styles are available for teens to elders, and can be found under the Eyeliner, Eye shadow and Blush categories (if you decide to download all the files in the Download section).

The reason why I made them available for so many categories is so that they are layerable. You also won't have to make a tough choice between these eyelids and another favorite makeup item in the same category, since you can just pick the eyelids in another category and still use that favorite item of yours. Also, the eyelids' opacity levels can be changed to your liking, instead of being fixed onto the skin. In other words, with these eyelids, you can mix and match all you like. :D
Below are some examples of different opacity levels and the eyelids on a darker skintone.

(Just to clarify, the weird dark rims around the eyes of the model above are caused by EA's fugly default skin. I got nothing to do with that. ;D)

So there, get it and go have fun!

Additional Credits:
-Delphy for CTU -heaven_sent_8_18 and His Majesty Morphead The Supreme Usurper of TSS for testing the thing
-HystericalParoxysm for some feedback
-Folks on #create who kept the process of fiddling around with these files fun