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Soho Skirt (3 styles!)

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Uploaded: 13th Jan 2011 at 8:48 PM

OH MY LORD. I have missed this so much. Too much. So much that despite bagging up all my old sims games and loosing them into the abyss of death that is my house I went out and bought new ones. It's been too long. I'VE MISSED YOU ALL. <3

So to start of the 2011 Sentate collection, I give to you the 'Soho Skirt'. A simple little jersey skirt with cute pockets at the sides and a fairly high waistband.

I've included three styles for your sims to choose from...

6 brightly coloured versions of the skirt with bare, sexy legs and a pair of white high tops (*cough* converse *cough*). Available in baby pink, ever-green, mustard, heather grey and charcoal.

3 more darker shades paired with a cute pair of leather booties. Available in Midnight Blue, Black and Mulled Wine.

In addition to this, I also thought that a pair of thick leggings would really tie the outfit together, so I included the same colours with that option too.

Fat Morphs, Bump Maps and enabled for your uni kids too!

enjoy x

P.S I'm so sorry I've neglected this for a year, I've been in sixth form, dropped out of sixth form, been a hairdresser, dropped out of hairdressing and now im a fashion student. AND IM BACK BITCHES.

Polygon Counts:
Booties - 970

Converse - 922

Additional Credits:
Evanesco and Ninika for the Hairs..z.sz...hairs?...hairstyles.

My mother for having such nice boots and letting me turn them into pixel booties.

My 11 year old brother for buying me the sims 2 (again).

and Lady Gaga for keeping my ears calm.