'Twas lost, now found... Basegame EF Front Button blouse in Lavender

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2011 at 1:04 AM
First, let me just say that CatOfEvilGenius deserves the credit for bringing this blouse to you. I just found it while I was looking to default the whole set (more on that later!) She's the one who figured out how to resuscitate it. Thank you Cat!

Okay, here you go:

It has been restored in all it's glory to aid in expanding your granny's wardrobe. The file is decustomised, properly categorized (to be with the rest of the set in your catalog,) and compressorized.
The mesh and 6 other colors are included in your Base Game, Maxis just forgot this one, I guess. *shrug*

Very soon I will be uploading a set of Default Replacements for these shirts (I really can't stand them!) I've defaulted CatOfEvilGenius' Scalloped Tanks in place of these. When I ran into trouble with the defaulting process, I went to Cat - who has taught me bunches!

Additional Credits:
CatOfEvilGenius!!! Thank you!
Mesh and color are all Maxis.