Bog Off, Bobby: No/Reduced Curfew for Teens and Children (Updated 28/10/11)

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2011 at 10:40 PM
Updated: 2nd May 2013 at 12:09 AM by whiterider
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28/10 - Updated for 1.26/Pets! Please redownload.
Older versions also available in the "pre-1.26" file, which will work for versions 1.22-1.24. I include these only because 1.26 is such a pain in the ass, and I imagine many people won't be updating yet. Don't expect a pattern to emerge .

Now, we all know that EA live in fairy lala-land, but I bet you never guessed that Lala-land is in fact an iron-fisted police state. It's exceedingly difficult to play a troubled teen, vagrant youth, or prodigal... something when young sims are caught (by police that is, not child-catchers) and taken home at sunset - even worse when children needn't be caught, because as soon as 10pm strikes, they get an uncontrollable (uncancellable) urge (autonomous action) to go home.

My first thought with this mod was "Stuff the curfew!". However, I can imagine that real police would probably pick up a young child if they saw 'em wandering around the streets at night, so I made several versions with relaxed, but not removed, curfews for children (and teens too, 'cause... 'cause... just 'cause!).
On the other end of the issue, apparently the curfew is lifted at 6am - so any child or teen caught wandering around before 6am will be sent home too. Chortling at EA's naiveté, I made the end of the curfew slightly earlier, so that the kids can actually, y'know, walk to school, the lazy little buggers.

There are 9 flavours of this mod, and I've tried to cover all bases. None of the flavours have a stricter curfew for teenagers than for children, since that'd just be silly. Install only one version!

Teen Curfew - Default is 11pm - 6amChild Curfew - Default is 10pm - 6am
9pm - 5am9pm - 5am
Midnight - 4amMidnight - 4am
None9pm - 5am
NoneMidnight - 4am
Midnight - 4am9pm - 5am
Midnight - 4amDefault
Adjusted Default (11pm - 5am)*9pm - 5am

* Adjusted because it seemed silly to have the child curfew end before the teen curfew.

This mod modifies a rather large XML file called Sim_0xa29571c6f77aa18d - the file affects mainly routing and social tuning, and may conflict with any such mods.
This mod does not conflict with AD85's Routing Improvement / Debugging mod.

This mod is compatible with gameversion 1.26/1.27/Pets. It should be compatible with all EP setups. Compatible versions for 1.22-1.25 also available. May be compatible with earlier versions, but this has not been tested.

Additional Credits:
ella, for her lovely XML tuning tutorial; Inge & Peter, for S3PE; and HP, for helping me check compatibility.