Fixed and Converted javabean PJs

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2014 at 2:31 AM
Updated: 21st Jul 2014 at 10:54 PM
I've loved javabean's But His Are Better PJs since I first saw them, and downloaded them immediately... and they didn't work. Due to laziness and ennui, it took me about six months to get round to figuring out why, but it turns out that there was a problem with Amaryll's mesh, which she fixed! Yay!

Unfortunately, javabean's recolours don't work with Amaryll's fixed mesh. So, this is a download in two parts:

Fix for javabean's awesome retextures + preg morph
I've overridden the 3IDRs of java's retextures to point to Amarylls fixed mesh, and have also added the preg morph from Ndainye's default replacement mesh to the regular, fixed non-default mesh. So, to get the fixed recolours, you need to:
Download javabean's original retextures here.
Delete the original Amaryll mesh.
Download "Javabean Adult Retextures Fix.7z", and extract it into the same folder as java's originals. Make sure that zzNyshaMTS_java-ButHisAreBetter_Fix.package stays in the same folder as the originals.

Age conversions!
I also really wanted the PJs for my teens, as my teen girls never seem to have enough sleepwear. Luckily, Ndainye converted the mesh! Ndainye's converted versions are only available as default replacements, so I made non-default versions for teen and elder females. I also repo'd the conversions to the adult versions, so you need Amaryll and java's adult versions for the conversions to work. The files for java's textures are named the same as the originals, so you can delete the ones you don't want. Amaryll's originals aren't labelled, but there aren't many of them, so it's easier to identify them using Wardrobe Wrangler. :P

Ndainye's converted meshes include fat morphs, although they're not very fat. You can see both Ndainye and Amaryll's fat morphs in the pics. There's also a preg morph, in its own pic at the end because I only realised Ndainye had made one once I'd finished everything else.

Additional Credits:
HUGE thanks to Amaryll, javabean_dreams and Ndainye for their respective meshes and textures!