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Modified Hair Genetics

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2011 at 1:57 AM
Updated: 21st Feb 2011 at 8:20 AM
In my game I have a sci-fi hood which features an alien race called the Annorlundians. The Annorlundians all have black hair and black/grey eyes, and I wanted the "human" hair colours to all be recessive compared to the black hair (not just the blond and red as it is by default). So I made this little package to alter the genetic value of brown hair to a "2", the same value as red and blond. And just to make it a bit more useful for other players, I made 3 matching mods to alter the genetics of the remaining three colours as well.

I have tested this by rolling the handy pacifier button in CAS loads and loads of times and it seems to be working. To make a long story short: when rolling a hair that has a dominant value (1) against one with a recessive value (2) the kid will get the dominant value every time and when rolling two dominant or two recessive against each other it's come out to about 41-49 of one colour for ever 50 of the other.

I've tested this in a game with all EPs and a few SPs installed (including M&G). I've also tested it with Base Game only using the AnyGameTester and it seems to work the same way there. I haven't tested it in all possible EP combinations, but as it only manipulates a tiny bit of code for each colour it should be fine. It affects default game hairs, but as far as I can tell it also affects custom hair provided that it's been binned.

There's five different files to choose from (clearly labeled):
- Dominant Blond Hair
- Dominant Red Hair
- Recessive Black Hair
- Recessive Brown Hair
- All of the above in one rar-file

That way you can mix and match as you wish for a multitude of interesting results. For instance downloading just the two dominant ones or just the two recessive ones would render all hair colours equally dominant and downloading everything except the one for dominant blond hair would be an excellent way to create an "attack of the gingers" situation!

Thanks for reading and possible DLing!

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis, obviously
SimPE, which I used to make the mod.
Numenor, for the AnyGame Starter
Phaenoh, for being awesome and friendly and answering my questions in the modding forum!