Windsor Poolside Country Club

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2011 at 2:09 AM

Windsor Poolside Country Club is not for everybody, your sim has to be somebody and not just anybody.

Contrary to my usual style, Windsor is a large upscale retreat. I built this club because I was tired of my socialite sims having to trek all the way across town into the grimy downtown of Bridgeport. So much emphasis is put on the city that you forget there's a whole sprawling hillside where all the big bucks are at! In fact, the place got its name from the hillside lot that I build it on--272 Windsor Drive.

Windsor is a poolside bar and it boasts many different entertainment zones for your sims. Upon entrance there's a lovely piano room where your sims can gather with friends to catch up on the latest gossip or duck off alone in the attached reading nook.

In the contemporary lounge, your sim can have a drink at the world class bar and even grab a meal prepared fresh 24/7. If your sims wants to soak up the sun without being in the elements, they can sit in the windowed sun room area and survey the pool from the inside.

The lounge can also be rented out as a party venue, complete with buffet space for a caterer.

Lastly, stepping outside, your sim can relax in the outdoor poolside lounge. There's bar with seating next to a cozy fire. Or, if your sim is feeling a little more intimate, they can rent a private cabana right on the edge of the pool.


There is a light CC list, all of it is not included. The only EP required for this lot to function completely is Late Night.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: 150,760

Additional Credits:
-A Better Washroom Door by daluved1
-New Orleans Open Doorway (Southern Charm Set) by Lisen801
-Glamor Wall Conversions by hak_a
-Grey Hexagon Mortar Terrain by Simmiler
-Country Windows by HugeLunatic <3
-Ahn Sofa by AroundtheSims3
-Sero Bar Stool by Holy Simoly
-Arizona Arm Chair by Holy Simoly
-1x1 Kitchen Table by Lisen801
-1-Step Up Chandelier by Xerendipty
-Invisible Lighting by Woe