"Secret Agent" Suits for your Sims

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Uploaded 6th Aug 2011 at 4:43 AM · Updated 23rd Aug 2011 at 5:44 PM by Munir bin Julaihi

Greetings, simmers! My name's Munir bin Julaihi, and here I present to you one of my latest creation of all the Sims universe, "Secret Agent" Suits.

Once upon a Sim world, everybody's been talking and yapping about the suits, complaining one of the suits doesn't have any GLOVES on them and they weren't too happy about them 'cause one of my Sims' having a job as an agent, but the suit he bought from the store didn't like it too much, so I made one for them and they're all excited, having their own suit with gloves and even the teenagers liked it, too!

And now, the suit was a BLAST among the audience in the Sims world including the "Men in the Suits", though I've been interrogated by them about the suits. Sheesh, talk about government sims who kept asking about the "Alien Impact" thing.

Anyways, the suits are now available for download for your Sims and your sims, too, can be (or wannabe) a "top secret agent". Enjoy simming!

Compatible for Teen and Adults.

Note:- A new mesh for Teen Female is included.

Polycount for the new mesh for Teen Female:-
FaceCount = 2368
VertexCount = 1656

Additional Credits: SimPE for their AWESOME tool for doing the age-conversion thingamajig.
Medrops for his Sora hair.
mio0331 for her Cloud Strife hair.
ghonma for the Guy Fawkes mask (converted by me).

And as for the mask...

Guy Fawkes Mask for your Sims