Three Tops for Boys and Some New Meshes (Toddlers)

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Uploaded: 8th Aug 2011 at 12:58 AM
Updated: 8th Aug 2011 at 6:30 PM
This it to complement a set I did for little girls a while ago. It consists of three new meshed tops which I think just add a little more versatility to the game.

The first is a collared shirt which uses a new mesh made by myself. It has three default designs, two of which use a stencil and a third that is plain. When recolouring, the main body, collar, front strip and buttons are separate. I've made it available for everyday and formal, as I think it's more suitable formal wear than that which is already in the game.

Next is a hooded cardigan which uses a mesh by LJGaming from Sims3-Modeli. Google translate tells me it's okay to have included this mesh. Plus, I don't actually know how to use and not include it :/ (please click here to see LJGaming's original, and here for T+C)

The sleeves, main body, edging and buttons all recolour separately. This one's only available under everyday.

The third's a rather simple top, but I've made it using a new very versatile mesh that I hope maybe others can reuse. It's a baseball-style top with four default designs, which are the three stencil designs shown and as always a plain option. The main body, sleeves and the edge at the top recolour separately. Available for everyday and sleepwear/underwear.

Hairs used are by HystericalParoxysm, Robodl95 (Toddler conversion of Anubis' conversion of a sims 2 hair by Raon) and also from the base game. Eyes by Escand. Skintone I believe is by LadyFrontbum

Polygon Counts:
The shirt has total 2560 polygons and 1768 vertices.

The cardigan has total 2922 polygons and 2956 vertices.

The baseball shirt has total 2418 and 1592 vertices.

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to the CTU team as always, to Wes H for the milkShape tools and to LJGaming for creating such a lovely mesh that I could use.