TS3- Toddlers: A new poloshirt for him (and her).

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Uploaded: 11th Sep 2011 at 11:28 AM
I wanted this to be my upload number 100, the first top for toddlers I've made for The Sims 3.

This cute new poloshirt is for both boys and girls, has 3 channels and comes with 2 presets, categorized for Everyday, Formal and Sleepwear.
Toddler meshes do not have morphs, but this mesh has proper LODs.

In all shirts Channel A is the body and channel B are the sleeves, channel C and D are the accents and buttons.
The little piece of fabric under the buttons I have called patch, it probably isn't the correct name, maybe I should have called it polo or something. I hope you understand what I mean, or you can look at the attached big presets picture.

Some shirts also have different scaling so you can use patterns with big stripes or flowers for the toddlers too.

Also in the pictures Coc3-PUbottom2-LongPuffPants. I will put a link here later, its in the upload queue.

Polygon Counts:
Coc3-PUtop1polo-14310 Lod 1= 2590 polygons and 1778 vertices

Additional Credits:
Additional Credits:
Thanks to Jonha for the toddlers standing in CAS mod and Hysterical Paroxism and Daluved1 for the texture tutorials.
Big thanks to Delphy, Wesley Howe and Peter and Inge Jones for their fantastic tools.
Special thanks to Bloomsbase for all the help and support in the Creators forum.