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Pack of facial piercings plus two chain earrings

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2013 at 3:35 AM
Hello MTS members. I have finished two set of facial piercings plus two chain piercings for you.

The first set of piercings its worn as necklace, it consists of third eye, medusa, dolphin, labret, lowbrets, bridge and eyebrow piercings. I made alpha variations of this set.
The second set its worn as a bracelet, it consists of cheek, dahlia and two anti-eyebrow piercings ( butterfly kiss and crow's feet). I made alpha variations of this set too.

I also made two chain piercings worn as left or right earrings. A nose chain that consist of two rings: one in the nose and another one in the ear, united by a chain. A chain earring that consists of two barbell piercings, one in the earlobe and another one in the helix area united by a chain, it also has metal angel wings.

These piercings are perfect for your rebel, fantasy, modern, punk, and teen sims.

Its noticeable that are basegame so they are compatible with any expansion pack.

Here they are some angles of them.

I made them from teen to elder, male and female sims.

Fat sims can use them because I have used CmarNYC's meshtoolkit to bodymorph it and here they are the recolourable channels: red, green and blue.

Any comments would be highly appreciated.

Polygon Counts:
Nose chain piercing left or right:

LOD_0: Unused
LOD_1: 336 faces
LOD_2: 236 faces
LOD_3: 152 faces

Chain piercing earrings left or right:

LOD_0: Unused
LOD_1: 662 faces
LOD_2: 370 faces
LOD_3: 152

Facial piercings as necklace:

LOD_0: 534 faces
LOD_1: 392 faces
LOD_2: 182 faces
LOD_3: 84 faces

Facial piercings as bracelet:

LOD_0: 360 faces
LOD_1: 252 faces
LOD_2: 250 faces
LOD_3: 54 faces

Additional Credits:
MTS TSR Workshop,s3pe, Delphy's CASTexture Unitool, CmarNYC's Meshtoolkit.

Special thanks to CmarNYC, emhbp and BloomsBase for their helpful tutorials for making alpha accesories.