Tron: Legacy Suits (Adult Male and Female)

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"Welcome to the Grid, program!"

These suits are leftovers from an aborted project I undertook a while back to re-create the world of Tron: Legacy in The Sims. They are essentially heavily-modified versions of the white Maxis sci-fi jumpsuit. I didn't include the distinctive Tron identity disc in the design because it didn't look very convincing and I was also hoping that someone would eventually model some as wearable jewelry. I would have done this myself but I don't know how to model in 3D.

The suit comes in both a male and female variant. They are not 100% movie-accurate since I wanted to put my own creative spin on them, but all you die-hards out there can rest assured that I consulted hundreds of reference photos and used a lot of the same shapes that can be found in the movie. If these prove to be popular, I might make yellow/orange variations for your evil Sims.

To install, extract the package files to your Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/SavedSims folder.