Bedside Manner -- Doctor/Children's Poses

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2011 at 4:06 PM
STOP! Do you have a Pose Player? If you don't, go here and get one. Poses are unusable without a Pose Player, so if you skip this step now, you'll be sorry!


*Compatible with the "Pose List" feature of the newest Pose Player!*

This is a set that was done by request. I had some vague intention of making a pose set involving bosses and desks, and I received a request to do "hospital" poses. After about ten false starts I managed to come up with the "children's version." Adult version will come soon--as soon as I rest and recover that is. For now, enjoy!

Pose tags are as follows:

a_splad_doctor1 -- sitting on desk
a_splad_doctor2 -- sitting in chair, leaning back
a_splad_doctor3 -- sitting in chair, leaning forward
a_splad_doctor4 -- leaning on desk
a_splad_doctor5 -- leaning on desk, right hand lifted higher*

* Poses 4 and 5 are essentially the same. I found pretty quickly between working with larger-mesh clothes and trying to accommodate both male and female rigs, I wouldn't be able to use just one pose here. So. Pose 4 works better on smaller sims, and sims wearing relatively close-fitting clothes. Pose 5 is more for larger (heavier/more muscled) sims, and sims wearing "looser" clothes--like the in-game scrubs, or the loose-fit slacks, or an A-line skirt.

c_splad_patientc1 -- child's pose, curled up
c_splad_patientc2 -- child's pose, frog's squat
c_splad_patientc3 -- child's pose, holding one knee

If you type your pose names in manually, please note that all of the children's poses begin with tag "c." Not "a." Please also note that it is "patientc1, etc." and not "patience1." Obviously if you are selecting your poses from the list this won't be an issue, but ... yeah. Just note that. Another thing to note is that the child's poses were designed with clothing meshes in mind, so pose 3 in particular will look odd on a bare leg.

You will have use "moveobjects on" to place the sims in position. Once you cancel, the sim will stand in the middle of the desk or bed as though it were an object. This is okay! Just direct the sim to walk away and all will be well.

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney for the incredible Pose Player
OrangeMittens for the excellent "Creating Your Own Custom Poses" tutorial
WesHowe for the AnimTool
Mesher for the AM rigs
Inge Jones for S3PE and the rest of the Sims community at large for assistance and encouragement.