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Rideable Street Bike

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Uploaded: 11th Jul 2015 at 5:05 PM
When we were given the chopper with the Ambitions EP, I was ecstatic! ... until I realized that meant every sim who had that bike had to ride around looking like an SOA wannabe. And then we weren't given any more motorcycles in our EPs. Lame! You're MUCH more likely to see a standard street bike than a custom chopper where I live!

This bike is made directly from the EA chopper, with a few changes. The handlebars are shortened and rotated, and your sim will reach for them and hold them correctly. The footboards no longer aligned once I changed the handlebar position, so they're gone and your sim's feet will rest on footpegs now. There is one extra preset included now (no. 2), which is an extremely ill-used, heavily-corroded bike. The "rusty" preset only has one editable channel--the seat. All of the other presets have their original four channels.

There is a flaw in the handlebars, which I've pointed out. I haven't been able to correct it yet, but if I can, I will!

Requires Ambitions to use. I hope you and your sims will enjoy it!

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:
RicciNumbers and SimMan123, for helping me learn how to manipulate slots and geostates in a single afternoon. You two are amazing! Thank you! <3