Medical Buildings; Renovate Along With Your Recovering Apox Hood

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2011 at 6:30 PM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2011 at 5:58 AM
If your hood has undergone the Apocalypse, you will find yourself in need of a good medical facility. As part of the challenge, the community rebuilds and grows. This upload consists of three medical buildings, but it's actually just one building in three stages of renovation. Of course, if your hood has never experienced the Zombie Apocalypse and has no plans to experience one, you might just enjoy a very stripped down military medical facility, a 1940s war era hospital, and a modern medical facility.

The first version is a very limited First Aid Station and should be placed immediately in a suffering hood. The federal government for the region has come in and set up a very basic, very efficient little Medical Unit.

The Medical Facility can replace the First Aid Station either after the Medical Restriction is lifted, or after all of the first level is lifted. In this stage, the community has their own leader of Medicine and is working on providing more services.

The Hospital is the third and final stage; and it can be replace the previous version when Restriction Level 2 is lifted. After Restriction Level 3 is lifted (and you've survived the challenge) you can go in and add artwork and other things to make it even more comfortable, but there are no drastic building changes. Here the medical department is focusing on patient care.

These three community lots share a good deal of CC between them, so it won't be cluttering up your Downloads folder by downloading all three versions. You should also look at my other Apox Lot upload.


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Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $81,260; $202,953; $346,718

Custom Content by Me:
- Locker recolor in White

Custom Content Included:
- Cracked Earth by pixelhate
- Industrial Window Set by guatla
- The Embrasure by Ergo Completer Set by HugeLunatic
- Fat City Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger
- Syringe Tray and TestTube Stand by crocobaura
- SimCo Ultrasound 3000, NIBP Unit, SimCo AT105 Volumetric Titrator, and Specimen Tray by HChangeri
- Blood Pressure Measurer and Stethoscope by JohnBrehaut1
- Standard Parking Block by wndy26
- Ambulance and Towncar by Petreak