Project "Him!" Piccadilly Ranch "PETS!"

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Uploaded 26th Oct 2011 at 8:15 PM · Updated 26th Oct 2011 at 10:33 PM by NeonSim

Project "Him!" comes to TS3!!

There will be two types of homes in this project:

1. Homes designed especially for male Sims to live in
2. Homes designed for Sims of either gender but with the male 'Sims player' in mind (as in guys who play the game) . Im sure there are some guys out there that want a nice house for their Sim family but dont want all the pink, floral, feminine decor that goes with it.

This home is a stunning beauty! It was designed for a family. Wide open space makes it ideal for pets and it was built around a horse owner. There is a stable inside a small barn and a jumping course so your horse can train at home.

There are dog items, a lizard and snake tank, ant farm and a bird cage. Cats will love this home too but there are no cat specific items added.

The yard has a tree house, see saw, stream, BBQ area and patio.
The home features 2 bedrooms (can easily be converted to 3 or more) 2 bathrooms, study area, inventing room, recreation room with chess table, art easel, bar and drafting table.

I play tested this home with 3 Sims, a cat, dog and horse too and all is well!!

NO CC or store items used
REQ: Ambitions, Generations, Pets,
Outdoor Living stuff and Town Life stuff


Lot Size: 5x5
Lot Price: 70596