Easier International Races + More Prize Money (Four Versions)

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2011 at 5:01 AM
Updated: 18th Dec 2012 at 8:14 PM - Compatible with 1.42 (No need to re-download)
~This mod is compatible with patch 1.42 ~

I made this mod because my Horsewoman sim managed to raise a horse that mastered it's jumping and racing skills and she had her riding skill mastered as well. The horse had even completed all the challenges for each of those skills. However when I took them to the international races after completing many advance and beginner races my horse could place as high as 3rd place. I even had my unicorn bless my sim and her horse and still they got no further then 3rd place. I decided to check the forum boards to see if anyone else had managed to get first place and I found I wasn't alone. So this is how the mod came into existence to help fix the issue people were having.

What This Mod Does

This mod makes it easier for you and your horse to actually place higher when doing the international races for cross country, jumping, and racing. This means you know have a chance of getting 1st place when doing the race. With the other versions of this mod I have included increase payment for when you place high enough in the ranks.

Changes in all versions:

All versions have the same fix to the international race scores for how they place in the race. All race ranks in the international race were changed to make it easier to place.


International Cross Country 1st Place Score:
Original - 515
New - 430

International Jumping 1st Place Score:
Original - 510
New - 430

International Running 1st Place Score:
Original - 510
New - 430

Differences in the Prize Money:

Package without a multiplier at the end uses the original prize money earnings.

This is not compatible with any mod that alters "EquestrianCenter" xml. Choose only one flavor of this mod.

  • Added three new versions (3/11/2012)
  • Release (10/31/2011)