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-Uni Major Revamp- Realistic Major to Career Linking

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Uploaded: 13th Nov 2011 at 1:27 AM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2011 at 6:00 AM
Ok, seriously. The major/career system is completely @$$ backwards. We have sims who are Doctors and Lawyers and Scientists who didn't have to go to college, but then you need a freakin' degree to be an Artist or a Psychic Phone Pal? That just ain't right.

While trying to create my own Major and not being satisfied with how the majors link to careers, (I mean seriously, Drama gets you into Athletics?) I asked Echo how all that junk worked and she figured out that you can totally create new careers and pick what majors they link back to, but its not so possible to create a new major with custom career links. So you can go backward but not forward. That inspired me to make a default override of that behavior.

So, huh? Can I link my ....
Custom Career to a Maxis Major? yes Learn how to do it yourself here.
Custom Major to a Maxis Career? sorta :/ Your cloned majors will be linked to whatever you cloned them from normally links to, but you can't change that.
Custom Major to a Custom Career? no

Here I'm offering you two mods, one that changes which careers need degrees, and another that does that and changes which careers the majors link to. I'm not offering a version that only changes the linkages because I think college degrees are important and I don't want untrained surgeons out there practicing medicine in SimCity General; we'd all get sued by the untrained lawyers!

See below for which ones have changes in degree requirements and why. If you do not agree with my changes, you can remove them individually by deleting the resource from my package in SimPE.

Architecture, Yes, Unstable buildings!
Artist, No, Doesn't take much learnins to throw paint at a canvas
Business, Yes, Running a business takes smarts, business law, marketing, and finances
Education, Yes, How you s'pposed to school chillins' without learnins yurself?
Intelligence, Yes, Intelligence = knowledge = college - duh
Law, Yes, Judges and Lawyers need to know smart stuff!
Medicine, Yes, um Pre-med anyone?
Oceanography, Yes, lots of fishes in the sea you need to learn how to take care of
Paranormal, No, I'm seeing a lack of college in your future...
Science, Yes, where else are you going to learn all you need to become a mad scientist?
Show Biz, No, plenty of waitresses hit it big - head to hollywood!

You have more careers now that require going to college. They are: Architecture, Business, Education, Intelligence, Law, Medicine, Natural Science, Oceanography, and Science. This leaves you with 16 careers that your CAS Adults can pick up from the paper as soon as they move in. Because so many more careers require degrees, sometimes there is nothing in the newspaper that they are qualified for. When that happens, you will see them read the paper and put it down without asking you about anything. Try the computer, it might have some options. This is not a bug, it's a 'feature' - higher unemployment rate among those without college degrees and all.

Now, about those nonsensical majors... things crossed out have been removed and things in italics have been added.

Art - Architecture, Artist, Culinary, Paranormal, Journalism, Criminal, Dance, Music
Biology - Education, Law Enforcement, Medicine, Natural Science, Oceanography, Science
Drama - Athletics, Drama, Entertainment, Politics, Show Business, Art, Music, Psychic
Economics - Business, Intelligence, Music, Politics, Show Business
History - Artist, Law, Military, Politics, Adventure, Criminal, Education
Literature - Adventure, Criminal, Entertainment, Music, Slacker, Show Business, Education, Journalism
Mathematics - Architecture, Criminal, Gamer, Natural Science, Science, Education, Oceanography
Philosophy - Culinary, Journalism, Paranormal, Slacker, Entertainment, Law, Music
Physics - Gamer, Medicine, Paranormal, Science, Architecture, Natural Science, Oceanography
Political Science - Intelligence, Law, Military, Politics, Show Business, Athletic, Business, Journalism
Psychology - Education, Intelligence, Law, Law Enforcement, Paranormal, Show Business, Business, Criminal, Medical

Ok, while I'm doing this, there is another thing that has bugged the heck out of me. 'Slacker' isn't actually a career choice, all of the jobs listed however, fit nicely under the heading of 'Freelancer'. For this reason I've included a tiny mod that does just that. Nothing about the jobs are changed, just what we call it.

Q: Do Artist and Paranormal actually show up in the paper for non-college grads? A: Yes they do.
Q: Do you only get a boost in your career if you had the correlating major? Or any degree? A: Any degree.

I did not change any of the skill requirements for any of the majors, so this might set you back a tad, I didn't bother to look. I think its more important to have a related major and its fun to see them get promotions. Starting at the top is boring and super unrealistic. Even with a college degree you start at entry level. This is not interfere with Mog's Job Noticeboard and should not conflict with anything else out there yet.


Additional Credits:
Once again, like always, thanks to Echo!