Furniture What Matches: The Contorto Chair and the Beta Fomicron Table

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2012 at 2:00 AM
For my next act, a completely cherry-picked dining "set." Yes, I know these two don't actually go together, since they come from two different EPs and all...but I happen to think that they look nice together. The hole in the back of the chair complements the hole in the table base.

So, I bring you recolors of the Contorto Chair from Nightlife and the Beta Fomicron table from Pets. Pretty straight-forward, the same twelve wood colors and 47 seat colors (for the chair, obviously) as the other uploads I've done in this series so far. Only the base of the table was recolored, not the glass top, because I'm happy with just clear glass, personally. Here are pictures of four of the wood colors, with the other eight colors attached in similar pics:

And here is one of the four color sets of seat cushion colors, with the others also attached in similar pics:

As I said, the chair is from Nightlife and the table is from Pets, so you'll need one or the other or both for these to work in your game, depending on what you download. I have set the downloads up so that you download the tables, the chair frames, and the chair seats separately, so you can pick and choose what you want and/or can use in your game configuration.

As always, the files are pre-Compressorized for your convenience and relative sanity and stuff, and they're clearly named so that you can get rid of the colors you don't want. The rar file for the seat cushions has subfolders for each of the four color sets, to make it easier to eliminate what you don't want, plus there's a folder containing just swatches of the colors, for your reference while weeding out individual colors you don't want.