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Set in 2 parts:

1) This set
2) Streets Of Montreal :: Street Decay Tools

Hello all!

I have a set of particular Ground Cover for you today. Not really intended for natural grounds, but rather to beautify environments of sand, concrete or dirt. (No EP necessary)

Street Art!!
12 14 colors of acrylic paint for your streets and sidewalks! Paint anything you want on the ground.

Cyan (blue)

Simple drawings look good! But the terrain paint tool is not very precise and it demands a bit of patience and dexterity to draw details.

You can download just the White and Yellow and make real streets with custom street lines. If you look at a real city, each street has its own particularities with yellow lines, white lines, dashed lines, pedestrian zones, bicycle zones, parking spaces, pre-repairs markings, etc etc etc. You can recreate any of that with this set.

Try them along with the Maxis tools to shape terrain, you can create speed bumps and these concrete blocker bars often found around parking lots. Other than White and Yellow, I've seen Ochre and Cyan used often for these things in real life.

Pink, Ochre and Brown, if well used, can allow you to draw portraits with some highlights and shadows. You can also try going very lightly with the colors and combine them to create more colors. Like creating a deep blue by using Cyan Indigo with some Violet. If you space two or more colors a little, but they still overlay, you can make gradients. You can also use the small Terrain Paint tool all over a drawing to create a sort of mosaic. There's many, many possibilities.

You draw what you want, where you want it on your terrain. It's all in your hands. Your lots' ground becomes your canvas.

In the next set (Street Decay), I'll add a 13th paint color to the mix: Blood Red.

I've been told Blue and Green were not present enough in this palette, so I added two new colors! Teal and Indigo!

If you are unsure how to create a street within a lot, you can keep rows of empty space in large lots. Or you can use Mootilda's Lot Adjuster and include roads in your lots and paint on them, too. If you have Nightlife and use cars, you can use special tools like MogHughson's 'Park in the Car Park' mod, and you'll see your cars use your streets.

Streets over here are never smooth, even when the asphalt is brand new it's never of great quality and it shows through paint. And, real acrylic colors themselves show differences between each other in their texture and transparency, and it's the same here, each color has its particular texture. For example, yellow has the best looking texture, and white is chalky and the least transparent of the bunch. :P

Thanks for trying this. Have fun!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Pixelhate for his kind advice, encouragements and mini-tutorial for this set and its next parts. It's been great to get help from someone with so much experience and talent.
Thanks to maybesomethingdunno for her kind encouragements also!
Thanks to all the people who looked at this in the Creators Feedback forum and loved it!