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Amy Test Object - Unlocked & Improved

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Uploaded: 20th May 2012 at 3:56 PM
Amy Test Object - Unlocked & Improved

This is a hidden EA item.
It doesn't even show in Debug by default.
It is true that this was unlocked ages ago.
But, I have unlocked it with the updated coding that it uses now. (nothing major)

What does it do anyways?
  • Create New Trash Relic
  • Create New Collectible Relic
  • Create All Trash Relics for Culture
  • Create All Collectible Relics
  • Spawn Dig Site

The main reason I am offering this is because I have improved it.
How ... You Ask?
You sure do ask a lot of questions.
  • Amy Test Object is now placeable!
    Considered a Medium Sized Object
  • Amy Test Object is now Portable!
    Yes, it can now be placed in your inventory!
  • Amy Test Object can even float on water!
    Why? Why Not?
  • Amy Test Object can even be placed on a slope!
    Ok, Just cause I wanted it to.

But, where can I find this?
  • Study > Hobbies & Skills
  • Entertainment > Hobbies & Skills
  • Debug > Misc

Be sure not to give yourself anything that you need to collect for a quest.
You WILL break the quest!
This should only be used to spawn relics for your own collection in your home town.
For example:
Giving yourself all the relics could cause China to blow up when you try to visit with spawned relics in your inventory. Ok, really it just loads china with no sim to play. So, you get to stare at China with the menu open but can't do anything. You end up having to ctrl+alt+del and crash your sims world. You might be able to travel as long as you leave everything behind in your HomeWorld. But, this isn't guarnteed to work. The best bet is to only use this after you have explored all the tombs in distant lands.
You have been warned.