Rusty Trucks - Unlocked

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Uploaded: 22nd Sep 2016 at 5:10 PM
If you have either Pets or Supernatural, you may have seen a rusty truck sitting around, being pleasantly grungy. As I was creating my junkyard for Greymont Bay, I discovered that both of these trucks were enabled for placement in CAW, but were not enabled for the in-game catalogue, which really dampened the whole "junk car lot" aesthetic that I was aiming for. So I enabled them. Both will now show up in the Miscellaneous BuyDebug category. Both cost ยง0, same as the wrecked car from Ambitions.

You will need the related expansion pack installed for these items to show up.

These are default overrides and, as such, will conflict with any other overrides that alter the following OBJD:
  • Supernatural Rusted Truck (OBJD instance 0x000000000098D917)
  • Pets Rusted Truck (OBJD instance 0x000000000098AD39)