Rotating Car Podium

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2012 at 4:48 PM
Updated: 28th Oct 2012 at 4:45 AM
A must have for each Car dealer!

I dont like advertising my stuff so here is a short description, PLZ READ!!


Car rotation podium,
-Has 3 designs,
-has 4 castable channels,
-Has 2 container slots, one for the spots and one for the invisible parkinglot.
-Has one rotating platform with a normal speed,
-Has one extra ring with a lower speed, spotlights are on this ring,
-Has groundshadow,
-Has sunshadow.

HOW does it work:
* pick the podium located in the vehicles category
* pick the lights located in outdoor lighting and place them on the podium, they will autosnap to the 1st container slot.
* pick the invisible parkinglot and place it anywere exept on the podium!!!
* pick your fav. car and place it on the invisible parkinglot.
* pickup the parkinglot by clicking anywere next to the car(has a large boundingbox, works very ez.)
* place the parkinglot with car on the podium, it will autosnap to the 2nd container slot.

You MUST always place the lights first even if you do not want them, you can remove them when you have placed the parkinglot and car.
Why? Because both slots rotate on a diffrent speed(see vid), if you place the lot/car first it will rotate on the wrong speed.

By default i enable all my stuff for for both residental and community lots.
This does require a mod!!!
You MUST install the from this thread :

Another thing i must add is that existing or other custom parkinglots will not snap to the podium.
The custom parkinglot i made has a placementslot setting enabled in the OBJD.
You can however create objects and let them snap to the podium aswell(OBJD/slotplacementsflags/enable small and full rotation)

The spotlights rotate with the outerplatform ring but unfortunate the light they produce stays on the same spot.
Nothing i can do about that.
Follow the order of placement i described, it will not work otherwise.
Objects that are set to outdoors(like cars) can give weird shadows on walls when placed inside.

The cars:
The imponte is a GTA4 conversion, i cant share due copyright.
The Mustang is here:

Polygon Counts:
-High detail 1800 polygons
-Medium detail 934 polygons
-High detail shadow 572 polygons
-Medium detail shadow 96 polygons

High/medium/shadow 2 polygons

-High detail 912 polygons
-Medium detail 344 polygons
-High detail shadow 344 polygons
-Medium detail shadow 168 polygons

I have Showtime EP, you prolly need to be patched to 1.34.

Additional Credits:
TSRW S3PE TT3 S3OC Milkshape