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Fix for the Normalmaps on Horizontal Timbered Wall SET

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2012 at 10:09 PM
I hope the Picture says it all.

All Normalmaps exept the ones with Ropes where wrong since we got the Game, EA never fixed them.

Now you could build a Logcabin with proper looking Walls.
The Package contains only the reworked Normalmaps for the following walls:
Horizontal Timbered Wall
Horizontal Timbered Wall with Intersection – Right Side
Horizontal Timbered Wall with Intersection – Left Side
Horizontal Timbered Wall with Fieldstone Dado
to override the default ones.

Put it in your Mods- or if you have Overrides folder.

Game requirements:

This mod overrides the following resources:


Because they are only image files the possibility for conflicts is low.

Additional Credits:
s3pe, Gimp