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LN Celeb Fridge Texture Fix

11,927 Downloads 266 Thanks  Thanks 50 Favourited 18,730 Views
Uploaded: 21st Jun 2020 at 10:32 PM
What it says on the tin - a fixed and properly working override for the LN Celeb Fridge's specular. It's arguably one of the better eaxis designs but the way it didn't reflect squat no matter what material you used bugged me to no end. So I fixed it - the original specular was just... inexplicable.

Now it's shiny when you use shiny materials and matte when you actually want it to be. Neat, no? Look at all that chrome goodness, reflecting and all!

Requires LN or it won't do anything for you.

Modifies the _IMG resource for the specular: 0x00B2D882-0x28000000-0x73E1A17E0F05C9AA and will conflict with anything that changes that same one.

Made with Patch 1.67

Additional Credits:
S3OC, S3PE, Photoshop