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Stylish Comfort Jeans set for females - teen to elder!

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Uploaded: 14th Aug 2012 at 8:09 AM
Updated: 14th Dec 2012 at 2:39 AM - Update- fixed all seams and enabled for outerwear
Stylish Comfort (Destroyed) Jeans - now available for female teens, (young) adults and elders!


Fix 2: December 14th, 2012 - all seams and tangents issues fixed jeans enabled for outerwear but also still basegame compatible! Final version (hopefully). Please redownload and delete your older versions!

Fix 1: August 15th, 2012 - fixed the mesh tangents

I am a huge denim fan and when I saw those wonderful meshes and textures of the Diesel stuffpack, I knew I had to take them as a base for my own work!
I altered one of the jeans meshes to my liking, converted it for teens and elders and designed my own version based on some of the diesel stuffpack textures.

So, what do you get?

Short answer: jeans that you can wear for almost every occasion

Detailed answer:
First off, design with a lot of attention to detail: glass studs at the front and back pockets, a shiny front button, recolorable fabric detail at the front pockets, recolorable stitching, custom tag at the back, destroyed version with custom holes and scratches in the front and the back.
I added a lot of variation in the presets:
The plain version has two presets which allow the recoloring of the studs and buttons. Every preset variant has two different overlay designs of the tag - one in grey leather, one in orange leather. Every preset has recolorable stitching and recolorable jeans fabric.
For the destroyed version, I made two extra presets that allow the recoloring of the frayed edges instead of recoloring of the studs and the button; the other two variants feature recolorable glass studs and button, but no recolorable frayed edges. So there are lots of possiblities to customize those beauties!

More goodies:
  • custom meshes
  • All LODs are properly included
  • custom bump maps
  • What you see is what you get: all jeans variations included in the pictures are actual presets!
  • four recolorable areas
  • custom CAS thumbnails
  • meshes are basegame compatible
  • Morphs work properly - the (young) adult mesh has a pregnant morph added!
  • age groups who can wear the jeans: teens, young adults, adults, elders
  • gender: female
  • clothing categories
    teen: everyday, valid for random
    (young) adults and elders:
    for the plain version: everyday, formal, career, makeover, valid for random, young adult and adult versions enabled for maternity, valid for random, enabled for outerwear (option only available if you have the seasons ep)
    for the destroyed version: everyday, career, makeover, valid for random, young adult and adult versions enabled for maternity, valid for random, enabled for outerwear (option only available if you have the seasons ep)

Previous versions had a visible seam, this is now fixed! If your version has a seam or if you have downloaded before december 14th 2012, please redownload!

For more pictures, see the attachments. Enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
LOD 1: 4640 vertices, 4764 faces
LOD 2: 493 vertices, 1815 faces
LOD 3: 277 vertices, 858 faces

Additional Credits:
The jeans were made using TSR Workshop, Milkshape, Lithunwrap, S3PE, Photoshop and CmarNYC's brilliant MeshToolKit.

Special thanks go to Nepomukl for fixing the seams on my YA versions of the jeans (and thus giving me the chance/idea to fix all other versions as well - once and for all, I hope).

Skintones on my models are from Lemonleaf, Ephemera and Ladyfrontbum.
Some eyebrows and makeup by me (unreleased).
Moccassins worn by one of my models by me.
The pose in the preview screenshot is a pose from the fashion pack #7 by Beechnutbaby.