Gloomhilda Batrice (One Extremley Atrociously Evil Witch) No CC

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Gloomhilda was born in a small town called Razor Dust right outside of Transylvania in 1806. She was brought up by her parents to embrace the dark arts from a very early age. She gained so much skill in magic, that by the age of 18, she was already garnering much fear from the townspeople in the local community. In time, she began to realize that the only sims she could depend on were other witches. She grew to have a strong hatred for mankind, and vowed to make their lives miserable. In 1916, she moved to Moonlight Falls to hone in on her alchemy skills, and be around other like-minded witches. You can find her were any evil witches congregate. Be sure not to cross her step or you could be turned into a toad, or worse, have your life threatened!

This sim is packaged with absolutely no custom content at all, this includes sliders, skins, nothing. The facial sculpt is something that took me a very long to do (side note, there are no special EA facial sliders for witches so this is all my work), so please don't steal her, claim her as your own, or place her on the exchange, also please don't edit her face and/or clothes a little and claim her as your own. You may use her for storytelling, picture taking, and movie making with or without any credit to me freely, but I ask you please do not alter and share, or steal.

Installation - Unzip, and place file in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saved Sims.

This sim requires Supernatural.

Supernatural Type - Witch

Age - Elder

Traits - Cat Person, Dislikes Children, Evil, Hot Headed, Mean Spirited

Lifetime Wish - Zombie Master

Favorite Food - Cobbler

Favorite Music - Dark Wave

Favorite Color - Black

Face In Game

Face In CAS Screen

The Outfits (shown left to right - everyday, formal, sleep, athletic, swim [in CAS Screen])

Additional Credits:
EA for coming up with this fun EP!