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USCC: Storybook Business Shelves

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2012 at 4:00 AM
Updated: 25th Sep 2013 at 3:18 AM
Ta da! I give you business shelves for your... shelving needs. I also colored the matching pedestal.

I hope these look cute in all your shops!

'Tis part of the Ultimate Storybook Completor Collection. Here are the other parts of the set.
-Sims99Fanatic kitchen set-
-Lights to match everything-
-Recolors of her kitchen set to match my build set-
-The first set of walls and floors I made-
-Beds and bedding-
-Shorter windows-
If you have an idea on a good mesh to use for another part of the set, please let me know! Your ideas and comments are much appreciated!

Storybook Business Shelves:
("Roedisplay by Grant Industries")
Buy Mode> Surfaces> Shelves
Price: 500 Simoleons

Normally, you might not put these on their own, but I colored them not only so they could, but they should in fact be on their own. They look odd with the others. (Of course, the others are there anyway because they're slaved to this one.)

Storybook Business Pedestal:
("Quick Display by Sims Club Merchandise")
Buy Mode> Surfaces> Shelves
Price: 200 Simoleons

Additional Credits: SimPE Photoshop