USCC: Storybook Bathtubs

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Uploaded: 22nd Sep 2013 at 8:35 PM
Updated: 25th Sep 2013 at 3:00 AM
Greetings! Today I bring you a bathtub while I wait for help with my windows. I originally wanted to cover it in tile but due to the fact that I could not alter the mesh to remove the indentations while maintaining the coloring (haven't learned that yet), and because I couldn't get things square and even, I created this instead. Which honestly, I like better. Plus, the colors aren't quite the same as the lighter stuff in the other set, because I thought they should be a bit more pastel. They still go fine though.Now, please take note: THIS IS STILL A STAND-ALONE OBJECT. The reason for this being is that I cloned it to give it 10 comfort and 10 hygiene. I wanted to make it better. (I tested the improvement too)

'Tis part of the Ultimate Storybook Completor Collection. Here are the other parts of the set.
-Sims99Fanatic kitchen set-
-My build set recolors-
-My recolors of her kitchen set to match my build set-
-My lights to match everything-
-The first set of walls and floors I made-
-Beds and bedding-
-Shorter windows-
If you have an idea on a good mesh to use for another part of the set, please let me know! Your ideas and comments are much appreciated!

It costs 1100 Simoleons and can be found with the other bathtubs and showers in the plumbing section. As seen in the title, it is called the Storybook Bathtub. Same as the original maxis tub, its polycount is 1566 (according to the directions I was given).

Additional Credits: SimPE Photoshop
All the wonderful tutorials on this site!