The Chef Plant v1.30 (28th Jul 2013)

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Uploaded: 29th Jan 2013 at 10:11 AM
Updated: 16th Mar 2014 at 3:04 PM

UPDATED: Version 1.30 - (28th Jul 2013)
COMPATIBLE: BASEGAME PATCH 1.54 ~ 1.67 (no changes required)

"The Chef's Plant" produces random Ingredients for you, so you can harvest a great variety of Fruits, Vegetables and Meat for your Recipes without wasting space with Large gardens. The diversity of Ingredients produced by this plant will let you cook many recipes without spend the hole day tending the garden or buying stuffs at the Store. This plant sometimes (3% of chance) produces random Recipe Books to help your Sim level up the Cooking Skill.

Requires level 7 of Gardening.

Object Details:
- Name: The Chef's Plant Seed
- Price: 100
- Category: Buy Mode > By Function > Decor > DecorPlants

Available Interactions:
- About (added);
- Harvest, Plant, Water, etc (same as all Plants);

Polygon Counts: (same as original Plant)
-Plant: 1008 vertices and 815 faces (low: 300 vertices and 200 faces)
-Soil: 75 vertices and 140 faces (low: 9 vertices and 12 faces)
-Seed: 38 vertices and 48 faces

Know Issues:
- isn't possible to plant it on Planters (but you can plant it if you use the move_objects cheat);
- you need to place the seed on a valid position to plant it. At least 1 block of distance between each other.
- Sometime, it's necessary to place the seed on the Sim Inventory to make the "Plant" Interaction appear. I think it's a bug from the game.

-> v1.30 (28/july/2013)
- The Plant Quality will increase at similar rate as other Plants.
- Performance: The mod will cache the harvestable data to improve performance while spawning new harvestables.
- Changed: The ingredients spawn rate (Meat=1x, Fruit=1.2x, Vegetable=1.3x)
- Included: Now the Plant will spawn some Supernatural Ingredients that are considered Ingredient but weren't available.

-> v1.25 (06/march/2013)
- fixed another possible conflict with University EP.
- disabled: Herbs from growing at Chef' Plant.

-> v1.2 (28/feb/2013)
- fixed possible conflict with University EP.

-> v1.1 (02/feb/2013)
- Now the Plant will slowly increase the Quality everyday (when Mature or Harvest State).
- RecipeBook: only 1 book per Nice Quality or better Plant.
- The Perfect Plant will spawn one Perfect Seed, while low quality plants will randomly spawn with small chance.

Does this have a custom script? Does it conflict?
- Added a new class at: Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Gardening (ChefPlant, ChefPlantSeed, SoilAutoPlantChefPlant)
- No, doesn't conflict with anything;

Additional Credits: S3PE Inge Jones, buzzler and a lot of people at Modding section.
twallan - DebugEnabler