Strawberry Plant - v1.2 (5th Nov 2015)

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Uploaded: 4th Dec 2013 at 8:50 AM
Updated: 6th Nov 2015 at 1:53 AM

Version 1.2: Doesn't conflict with the Strawberry from "Bohemian Fruit and Nuts" Store Set.

This mod requires CCLoader.

Now, you can buy Strawberries at the Grocery Store or plant it on your garden. This way you can get this delicious fruit to:

- produce high quality Nectar, Ancient Nectar or Drinks;
- receive the Attractive Moodlet (+10 / 5hours) to boost social interactions, after eat fresh Strawberry;
- use as Ingredient to bake the Strawberry Pie (new Recipe);

Objects included:
  • Strawberry Seed;
  • Strawberry Fruit (new mesh and texture) (also works as Seed);
  • Strawberry Plant (new mesh and texture);
  • Strawberry Pie (requires level 4 of Cooking Skill);

Install Help and FAQ:

Available Interactions:
  • Strawberry Plant: Harvest, Plant, Water, etc (same as all Plants);
  • Strawberry Pie: Eat, etc (same as all Foods)

-> v1.2 - 4th Nov 2015
- Doesn't conflict anymore with the Strawberry from "Bohemian Fruit and Nuts" Store Set.
You will find both of them at the Grocery Store. My strawberry looks more beautiful and is required to cook the Strawberry Pie.
- Added translations to all languages (except for "Strawberry Pie" string).

-> v1.1 - 4th Dec 2013:
- Small texture color correction;
- Fixed texture reference that was replacing the original KeyLimePie texture with the Strawberry Pie.
- Now, if you eat Spoiled Strawberry Pie, you won't receive the 'Divine Meal' Moodlet;
- Added: French (from Nigdog) and Dutch (from MariTom) Translations;

Known Issues:
- The 'Mixing Bowl' is green instead of red, because it's the same as the KeyLimePie;

Game Mod: Conflicts?
- No. This is not an overriding Mod. adds a new script class 'DouglasVeiga.StrawberryLoader.PlantLoader'.

Polygon Counts:
  • Fruit: 386 vertices and 374 faces;
  • Plant: 636 vertices and 394 faces;
  • Strawberry Pie Serve: 260 vertices and 240 faces;
  • Strawberry Pie Single: 290 vertices and 221 faces;

Additional Credits:
- twallan- DebugEnabler;
- Inge Jones and Peter- s3pe;
- Arsil Script help;
- @bubblegum__14, @kociara81, @lex700, @Freja, @quir98, @Misling for translations;