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Fewer (or More) Credit Hours For Degrees - 6 Flavours!

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Uploaded: 5th Apr 2013 at 10:07 PM
Updated: 7th Sep 2017 at 2:53 AM
SEPTEMBER 2017: I have not opened TS3 for a number of years. I have no idea if this mod still works. If it does - great! If not, I'm sorry, but it won't be updated.

1/03/14: Compatible through to 1.67 - no update needed.
28/10/13: Compatible through to 1.63 - no update needed.
22/06/13: Updated to 1.55 (Minor change in patch - Education added to career benefits for Business degree)


From when I first played a Sim going through University, it has irritated me that it wasn't possible, without extra credits from the Sims University Aptitude Test, to complete a degree in one trip to University. This mod changes that. I have edited the amount of credits required for a degree so as it's possible to achieve a degree with only one enrolment in University.

The settings are based on "Credit Hours", each one of which is 6 credits. I have only edited the one value for each degree - I was tempted to also edit the cost per credit hour so a degree would still cost the same, however it seemed logical to me that spending less time at the University should mean it costs less anyway, so I left them as they were. Current flavours correspond to Number Of Credits options already in-game, which themselves determine the number of classes taken, but I'm happy to add more if anyone would like them.

Flavours: (Only use ONE at a time!)
EA Default: 8 Credit Hours/48 Credits required for a degree. Cannot be completed within 2 terms.
Degrees1CreditHour: 1 Credit Hour/6 Credits required for a degree. Can be completed in 1 Term, with 1 class.
Degrees2CreditHours: 2 Credit Hours/12 Credits required for a degree. Can be completed in 1 Term, with 2 classes or 2 Terms, with 1 class.
Degrees3CreditHours: 3 Credit Hours/18 Credits required for a degree. Can be completed in 1 Term, with 3 classes.
Degrees4CreditHours: 4 Credit Hours/24 Credits required for a degree. Can be completed in 2 Terms, with 2 classes. Half EA Default.
Degrees6CreditHours: 6 Credit Hours/36 Credits required for a degree. Can be completed in 2 Terms, with 3 classes.
MORE_Degrees10CreditHours: 10 Credit Hours/60 Credits required for a degree. For those who want to spend lots of time in University.

Note that possible completion options listed are only minimum exact options you can use - if you'd like to only need 6 credits for a degree, you may still choose to go to University for 2 terms with 3 classes a day if you would like.

Picture shows Degrees3CreditHours, which I have tested for multiple entrances into university in various saves.

This mod edits the AcademicDegrees XML and will conflict with other mods which edit the same XML.
This does not conflict with either thril2's Increased or Decreased University Class Academic Performance or scarletqueenkat's University Performance Tweaks so feel free to use them together.

Obviously, this requires University however it is yet to be listed as a compatibility option. Compatible with patch 1.55 through to 1.67.

Additional Credits: S3PE