More/Less Chance of Pet Pregnancy - 4 Flavors

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Uploaded: 22nd Apr 2013 at 3:30 AM
Have your cats and dogs been trying for a baby too many times to no avail? Well here's the solution for you! I give you, the option to make it so that your beloved pets always get pregnant! Or, if you like, a higher chance, or a lower chance.

Of course, for this to work you must have the Sims3 Pets expansion pack!

This comes with 4 different flavours,

(the original is 60%)

This is an xml tuning of the resource named ( PetHouse+WoohooPetHouse_0x0be45f383f6820a6 ) in the gameplay.package

This was made with the game version

I have tested this myself, and it causes no issues with my game (which is normally screwy with mods) as well as it works perfectly!
I hope you enjoy! :D

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