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Shawn Pendleton

1,831 Downloads 100 Thanks  Thanks 18 Favourited 14,990 Views
Uploaded: 11th Jun 2013 at 10:00 PM
Updated: 11th Jun 2013 at 10:52 PM by Telishathompson

Shawn Pendleton, a red-headed sim with an agenda, though her ways of getting the information she needs isn't the most effective. Not to mention that her dramatic and grumpy nature usually leads to most of her peers and co-workers deeming her socially awkward. She may not look it, but she is indeed too self-aware of her actions. Many think it's because she spends way too much of her off time at the local dog shelter.

Traits: Dramatic, Dog Person, Grumpy, Perceptive, Socially Awkward
LTW: Pervasive Private Eye
Favorites: Roots Music, Stu Surprise, Aqua
Zodiac: Leo

Custom Sliders Used: Ahmad's Facial Sliders | AWT's Various Sliders | GnatGoSplat's Chin Width Slider | Jasumi's Nostril Slider | Jasumi's Inverted Nostril Slider | Jonha's Body Sliders | Whiterider's Overlip Slider |

Custom Content Used: Ephemera's Skinny Defaults | BrntWaffles' Ephermera MS93 Edit Default Eyes | CoolSims' Amanda Hair Retextured By Me | Simplelife's Default Eyebrows | Elexis' New Year Eyeshadow | S-Club's Eyelash Art Set II (Make sure you get the mesh and sliders) | Sleepy-Genius' Vibe Lipstick | Daluved1's Beauty Marks | Anubis' Spring Dress | Elexis' Meridia Sandals | TS3 Store's Dancin' Shoes | Bloom's Toenail Polish |

For the beauty mark, I highly recommend that you download my updated version of Rez Delnava's mod that allows more slots for beauty marks, freckles, and wrinkles: HERE

Other than that, she's built with patch 1.50 and packaged without the custom hair.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to those in Creator Feedback for the tips and thank you to my followers on Tumblr.