5 new things to add to your sims grocery list: Raviolli, breakfast pizza, and drinks

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Well, I've nearly shared all my custom made foods with you guys. If you haven't had enough of my custom food, here is a bit more that I'm sharing sharing my collection. I hope you and your sims like the

Here comes 5 new foods to add to your fridge. Hopefully, you and your sims will love these new base game foods. After months of deciding whether or not I should upload these items, you will finally have access to them.

Here is a list of the foods you have to look forward to.

1. Bell of Dawn- "Pepperoni" & "Cheese" breakfast pizza

Who said that pizza could only be eaten during lunch, snacks, and dinner? Did you know that there is also a pizza that is customized just for breakfast? This pizza was exposed to me in my years of elementary and middle school. I thought it was very strange to eat pizza for breakfast. I've had soon to find out that this pizza is probably healthier and lighter than your standard pizza from a pizza place. I came up with this idea when I noticed that the "toaster pastries" were actually more versatile than people may have thought.

2. Right Hand Meals- Raviolli

Raviolli can be made by hand or it can be bought in a can. Has anyone ever made their own raviolli from a fresh cold box? My custom made box meals "Right Hand Meals" food are my version of a combination between hamburger helper and boxed frozen foods. You can add the right additional ingredients to the mix and you will have a fun and tasty lunch or dinner.

3. Lime Time & Fifty/Fifty juice-

Your sims should have something to wash their new meals down. I've made two additional drinks for your sims. "Lime Time" and "50/50 Juice" are the new custom made drinks that i designed for your sims.

*Lime Time- A soda that is made from real lime juice. It's very refreshing and has a sweet and tangy kick.

*fifty/fifty juice- This is my sim version of v8 splash. V8 splash is a juice that has a combination of fruits and vegetables. The reason why this drink is called "50/50" is clearly for the reason that it's half fruit juice and half vegetable juice.

Details about files: The custom plates shown in the my images are not part of my custom meals. Also, these files that I'm sharing with you all will not override any maxis files. You are free of that burden.

Each meal is found in certain menus choices by clicking on the fridge.

Food Locations:

Raviolli- Click fridge>Search for dinner option> Right hand Meals-Raviolli

50/50 juice & Lime Time Soda- Click Fridge> Search for snack option> find "fifty/fifty juice or LimeTime Soda".

Breakfast pizza- Click fridge> Select breakfast option> select from one of the "Bell of Dawn Breakfast Pizza" options

Additional Credits:
Credits go out to...

*Those at font space for providing some wonderful fonts.
*SimPE and it's Creators
*Adobe Photoshop CS4
*Gimp2 (This was used for scaling and cropping)
*Yahoo and google images (Provided great images for textures)