COOKIE CATS (From Steven Universe)

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Uploaded: 14th Aug 2015 at 11:31 PM
Updated: 15th Aug 2015 at 1:50 AM
Hello Everyone! I'm back with something new. This time around my newest upload is for all the “Steven Universe” fans out there. For those of you who aren't familiar with Steven Universe, it's a show that airs on Cartoon Network and it's creator is Rebecca Sugar.

About the Show: The story of the show takes place with a 11/12 year old boy by the name of Steven. Although he may not look his part, he is a hero. Steven's personality is bubbly and he cares about anything and everyone. He sees the value in nearly everything. Steven is under the care of 3 Alien women who are called “Gems”. Steven's mother died during birth. In order for Steven's mother to birth him, she had to give up her physical form because she and her son could not exist together. The Gems stayed loyal to Steven's mother and vowed to protect and teach Steven as he grows. Steven goes on many adventures with the gems. On each adventure he always learn more about his origin, powers, and himself as a human/gem hybrid.

It took me awhile to come about with this project. I recently updated the older version and decided that I should place the signature packages in the box. This snack is cloned from the Sims2 Lunch Meat Sandwiches and will be spotted within the lunch menu of the fridge.

Further Details:

I updated the older file. The file no longer has a large poly count.

Null- 1
Prep- 526
From Fridge-96
In Plate-740

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the creators of Steven Universe for creating such an original show. Yahoo images, Photoshop, Simpe, Milkshape3D.