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Sweet dreams dress - 2 different styles for YA/A

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Uploaded: 7th Jul 2013 at 3:38 PM
Updated: 7th May 2014 at 4:05 PM
Hey ladies, today i have a simple everyday dress with a circle skirt for adults and young adults. This dress was made by mixing up 3 different outfits from EA and modifying them " cutting and reshaping. Without CmarNYC's meshing toolkit this dress couldn't be done. Thanks CmarNYC :lovestruc


- Supports all morph states and breast slider capable.
- Custom meshes with proper lodo 1,2.3
- Base game compatible
- Both versions has 5 different presents, 4 of them has " heart shape " and the fifth one with null overlay
- Two versions/styles: with a scarf and without a scarf
- Categories: only everyday
- Both versions have three color channels
- For young adult and adult female sims only

Custom contents:

-Skin: ESkin-nAtural+ by teru_k
-Eye contacts: Watercolour by Elexis
-Eyebrows:Bare Naturals by Elexis
-Hair: Eternila , peggyzone , Elexis , Cool sims , peggyzone . Elexis

Polygon Counts:
Sweet dreams dress - without scarff:

LOD 1: 2613 vertices, 4172 faces
Lod 2: 1905 vertices, 2986 faces
Lod 3: 1058 vertices, 1519 faces

Sweet dreams dress - with scarff:

LOD 1: 2967 vertices, 4673 faces
Lod 2: 1913 vertices, 2910 faces
Lod 3: 1058 vertices, 1519 faces

Additional Credits:
- TSRW, Adobe Photoshop
- CmarNYC's Meshing Toolkit