EKTORP Sofa Recolours

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@ everyone who has already downloaded this, I owe you all an apology. I didn't realize I had HugeLunatic's 'Ektorp - Sofa now repository for Chair and Loveseat', hiding in my downloads folder. You will need HugeLunatic's 'Ektorp - Sofa now repository for Chair and Loveseat' for these colours to show on the armchair and 2 seater sofa. Thank you to MacApple for bringing this to my attention. ♥

Whilst setting up screenshots I realized I didn't have the right colour of the EKTORP lounges in my game. I decided to do a couple of recolours, once again I went a little overboard and ended up with 40 recolours. Luckily I only had to recolour the 'EKTORP Three Seat Sofa', which actually recolours the 'Two Seat Sofa' and 'Armchair' as well.

Colours: Blackwood, Cream, Crimson, Dark Aqua, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Dark Lime, Dark Orange, Dark Pink, Dark Purple, Dark Red, Dark Rose, Dark Turquoise, Darkwood, Dark Yellow, Gold, Green, Gunmetal, Light Aqua, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Green, Light Grey, Light Lime, Light Orange, Light Pink, Light Pink, Light Rose, Light Turquoise, Light Yellow, Lightwood, Mahogany, Medwood, Olive, Peach, Silver, Terracotta & Whitewood.

Found: Buy Mode > Comfort > Living Chairs or Sofas & Loveseats.

Price: Armchair - §460, Two Seat Sofa - §630, Three Seat Sofa - §660.

Okay, I know this was a little naughty but I couldn't fit 40 'Three Seat Sofas' in one screenshot, sorry I did try.

Objects used in my screenshots: Contempo Curtain by HugeLunatic, Pocci's DewDrop Lamp Recolours by mustluvcatz, Craftsman Window Set by tbudgett, Melaka Plants and Fruit Standby Moune, XM Sims Deco Magazine, recolours and other stuff by me not available.

All files have been compressed and checked in game, there's a colour chart included in the zip file.

Additional Credits: SimPE - CEP - GIMP - The Compressorizer - EA Games and MTS.
Special thanks and hugs to the creators whose object I used in my screenshots.
Also to HugeLunatic for 'Ektorp - Sofa now repository for Chair and Loveseat'.

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Living
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #EKTORP, #Ikea, #sofa, #loveseat, #lounge, #armchair, #living chair, #black, #cream, #crimson, #aqua, #blue, #brown, #green, #grey, #lime, #orange, #pink, #purple, #red, #rose, #turquoise, #yellow, #gold, #gunmetal, #mahogany, #olive, #peach, #silver, #terracotta, #white.