Maxis-match EKTORP seating recolours

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2008 at 6:57 PM
I was miffed that EA/Maxis decided not to make all of the EKTORP seating in the same colours so I recoloured the EKTORP armchair and loveseat in the sofa colours that were missing.
The colours I've done are white, beige and striped.

Now you can have fully matching livingrooms that are properly co-ordinated.

Known Issue: If you don't or can't play your game with maximum texture detail then the striped recolour may look blocky and blurry. I've tried my best to eliminate the problem but SimPE seems to compress the image just a bit too much on reimport even when using the 'Build DXT' option. This doesn't effect the plain recolours though.

I hope you enjoy them in game.

Please don't upload elsewhere unless you include them with an uploaded lot to a FREE site. Then just link back here please.

Additional Credits: SimPE EA/Maxis