SR Lieutenant Turel ~ Two outfits

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~ Turel ~ one of Kain's 6 Lieutenants ~
Here's an Outfit for/from Soul Reaver (6 of 6)

Two outfits. One outfit based on the original look from the Game LOK:Soul Reaver.
The second one is an Fantasy design created by me.
btw. posting them now in Random order!!!

1. The first outfit -Turel-outfit:
Once again - It's an Update/Edit of yangn, her awesome Raziel outfit->Here I made new textures, but used hers as reference.
Most of it is repainted by hand. I only kept few things here & there with some edit of my own. Change it to Turel's color
and his Clans marking on the clothing from the game SR.

2. Second - BO2-Fantasy4: is an Alternative/Fantasy outfit ALL Design & created by Me.
well, only thing to say I had no inspiration for Turels fantasy outfit (T^T)...this last outfit kinda sucks...if you ask me.
Hopefully someone will like it????? *Runs & Hides*

The first/original outfit is in two parts. so if you want to have the full outfit as Pictured,
you'll need to wear the Accessory that comes with the download.
OBS! every Lieutenants wears the same boot accessory!!!

- - - -
Info,Credits & Thanks.
[I]Made with/in: the bodyshop, Painted in Photoshop cs5 with Wacom Tablet.~
as for the sim, most of the stuffs are custom made accept for the EYES
portakal for the clothing mesh - HERE
yangn for the Awesome Textures.
8ksims for the leg warmer accessory (the site doesn't exit anymore).
Daislia for the Fantasy Mural/wallpaper.