Spirit Of Ariel ~ Legacy of Kain

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Uploaded 9th Jan 2014 at 6:00 PM · Updated 9th Jan 2014 at 11:44 PM by mayonakakisu

The Murdered Balance guardian Ariel.
from Legacy of Kain Series.

Finlay here Comes Ariel Download.
Sorry for the poor amount of preview, but I was to lazy *HIDE*
but still I made 3 different recolor of Ariel's clothing

the download is folder containing:
All of the custom contend made for Ariel.
1. Two version of the rotting face (one transparent and one not)
2. Three sets of Clothing ~ Rotting, Black and pure style.
3. Half skull face for the black dress
4. Her eyes from rotting style.

The Mesh for the dress in included!!
also a BIG THANK YOU to CrabofDoom ~ for making
the edit of This Awesome Mesh ,she removed the skulls around the hips.
OBS!! you cant have both meshes in you game at the same time!!!

also Optional: if you want the same hair as in the printscreen, then you must have/download
Aquilegia - Base Game Hair Defaults (meg) from HERE
becouse I used maxis hair with Aquileias default textures

The skin is by Trash and I've included it as I cant find it anywhere.
if any one now were it is I'll add a link to it too.

the odd/single eye from -> http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=101991

Thank you to
Wicked_sims FOR Clothing Mesh
((and also lidi who originally made it, witch I just learned))
Crabofboom FOR editing the mesh
generalzoi FOR single Eye Mesh
Lilith FOR lipstick
Bruno FOR eyeliner
Trash FOR the Skintone
Aquilegia FOR Basegame Hair Defaults

Custom Content by Me:
- ArielFACE-Rotten 1b
- Spirit of Ariel SIM
- Ariels-Eye [Mayonakakisu]
- by trash_ using luois skintone as base
- Ariel-01-Rotting [Mayonakakisu]
- MESH_paul_afbansheedress_noskulls

Custom Content Included:
- -Lilith-Beautiful Mourning v2-darkbrown by lilith
- #3 - J'adore - [email protected] by [email protected]
- Single Black Eye by Sunken Woglinde by Sunken Woglinde