"Louise" Hair

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Uploaded 19th Nov 2013 at 12:43 AM · Updated 20th Nov 2013 at 5:01 PM by HystericalParoxysm

Updated: I changed the textures a bit more, so that they look a little nicer (less dry/flat) on light colours. Please redownload if you got this within the first few hours it was up.

This is a default replacement of the afHairShortEmo from the base game - the choppy, stringy one that covered one eye and had some pretty glaring mesh errors. It was a nice idea, but really needed some tidying up and prettifying, and hopefully now is more of a general purpose, useful mesh.

I have fixed the mesh (for the LOD0 only, so you'll only see it if your settings are turned up and you're zoomed in) to correct the errors as much as I could, though there's still a couple little spots that aren't quite perfect, just at a couple angles. I tweaked the shape a bit, to smooth out some of the upper-head fullness - it's not -quite- so puffy now.

I also changed the textures to something much more smooth and soft, removed the "scratchy" normals, and gave it a nice specular so that the shine is dynamic and changes with the viewing angle, just like real hair. Because of the way the specular is done, it looks a bit weirdly shiny in CAS, especially on dark colours, but displays fine in-game. I have not altered the control from the original. Textures and alphas are modified from those by ILTS.

As this is a default replacement, you should delete your cache files to get this to show properly in-game.

Special thanks to: Inge and Peter for S3PE, Delphy for CTU, Wes for Q-Mesh, Lunararc for the model, Nina, Keely for the namesake, and ILTS for the textures and alphas.

Polygon Counts:
2513, same as before.