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TSS Hairbands for Girls

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2014 at 8:06 PM
My little girls always want to be like their big sisters. That meant that the younger ones kept trying to steal the older ones' hair accessories! So I broke down and made my little Sim girls some hairbands of their own.

These hairstyles are a simple age conversion of the Teen Style Stuff hair, complete with a hairband in one of four colours: pink, black, aqua, and green. Unfortunately, I stink at making hair, which means that your little girls will refuse to take their hairbands off before bed. In fact, they'll keep their hairbands on all the time. Maybe I should just take that as a compliment that they like them so much...

The hairstyles are binned and I've removed the custom content star and added the TSS icon, so you might have to scroll through a few hairstyles in the appropriate hair colour bin to find these. The mesh is new, but the recolours reference the TSS textures... so you'll need Teen Style Stuff installed if you want to use these.


Polygon Counts:
bun with hairband = 750

Additional Credits:
A big thanks to CatOfEvilGenius for the Quick Easy Hair Binner. I couldn't have made these without it!