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MESH + 4 graphic tanks and butterfly tee (UPDATED 1/18/2014)

10,974 Downloads 406 Thanks  Thanks 33 Favourited 17,374 Views
Uploaded: 17th Jan 2014 at 9:34 PM
Updated: 19th Jan 2014 at 2:23 AM
update 1/18/2014 Made the hearts tank more black than gray, please redownload recolors.

This is a simple tank top mesh for women. It has curvy and pregnant morphs. I gave it a nice UV mapping to reduce texture distortion. There are 5 untuckable recolors, 4 graphic pattern tanks and 1 butterfly tee shirt.

Polygon Counts:
1214 polys (similar to Maxis)

Additional Credits:
skin: HystericalParoxysm's Idolatry of Flesh, with my age transition faces
eyes: Phaenoh's Keen Eyes
eyebrows: dragonmandy, Trapping, March of Brows by AlfredAskew, SLU
makeup: my default replacements, just lips by AtomicSpaceKitty, unique lips by AlfredAskew
hair: SimModa, dustfinger, Nouk
pants and skirts: migamoo, fanseelamb, Sentate, Aikea, and me

Thanks to the makers of SimPE, MilkShape, LithUnwrap, and GIMP.
I used various MilkShape plugins by Wes Howe, demon, and me.