Na-Na-Na-Na Easels - 100+ Portraits or Other

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Uploaded: 15th Feb 2014 at 7:34 PM
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Na-Na-Na-Na Easels

Simplified title. Just dive in your dreams. And paint them!


9 Easels, 108 Paintings

All easels of this set are based on the Maxis Easel, so there is no mesh needed.
Each has its own GUID, they don't override each other or anything else in the game. Each of them has been tested and works perfectly fine.

They will all show up at the same place as the Maxis Easel in the catalog, Hobbies > Creative >
with prices varying between 150 and 400 simoleons. They're all used the same way as any Maxis easel, you can sell your artworks, hang them and fulfill wants related to paintings.

NOT Freetime-enabled. Sorry. I don't know how!

It's been brought to my attention that these Easels add their color as a new recolor to your normal Maxis Easel. Be careful, don't delete your new unexpected Maxis recolors!

You can use as many of these easels as you want at the same time in your game, and if it's not enough you can make your own easel with its own set of custom paintings, I wrote a tutorial telling how here. It was my first tutorial. Bear with me.



NEON SETS (Set 1 and Set 2 on the pictures)
Artworks by Doyle Wilches.

Credits for content on the paintings that is not @MTS
All About Style, Peggy, Dedital Sheep, Skysims, 4ESF (plant), Sunair, Helaene, Simplelife Chagasi, Corvidophile, Retail Sims

Credits for content on the paintings that is @MTS
Sherahbim, roshimitzu, SussisSoGoodSims, SSChan, GeneralZoi, sunken-woglinde, lidiqnata, jenfold, ascarion, The Dark Project, Louis/Rensim, Aligeth, Sizz, alexpilgrim, Nouk, Randir, Migamoo, Fanseelamb, cokenasmile, Atavera, Lethe_s, Noogie666, UK1967, V1nd1care, HystericalParoxysm, -Shady-

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