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Vampire Tweaker V5.1

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 21st Apr 2014 at 11:48 AM
Updated: 15th Jun 2018 at 4:09 PM - Updated to V5.1
This mod is no longer mantained. I published the sources on GitHub: https://github.com/ferferga/VampireTweaker




TRANSLATE INFO Read this if you want to translate the mod

The instructions for how to translate the mod is in the translator toolkit.

TRANSLATOR TOOLKIT FILE: TranslationToolkit_V2.zip

- Spanish: Mexican (Copied from standard) and Standard
- English (UK, US)
- German: Thanks to Armilus! (Will be added in next version)
- Russian: Thanks to Nihilluss! (Will be added in next version)

The rest of languagues needs to be added.
The translators will have a credit here and in the general additional credits (below)

Works with...

Just supernatural, just late night or the both of them.

Reported working versions: 1.63, 1.67

If you try more versions and these versions are working with thr mod, please report me that. It should work with some older versions.

After 5 months of work, finally I can release this mod

This mod applies different settings for vampires, which are specified in the files "ChangeLog — EN" (in English) and "ChangeLog — ES" (in Spanish). My language is Spanish, so the file "ChangeLog - EN" I've had to translate with Google Translator, as well as the reviews of other content that we will see later in the mod.

This mod is a mod of scripting that adds features, although probably in later versions, will be a core-mod.

The scripting adds different effects for the vampires, such as the following:

-Add it automatically red eyes when the vampires are thirsty. They disappear when they satisfy

-Added blood to the mouth of the vampires (this functionality already existed in a Diriel mod called "Bloody Meals", which I served, among other mods, as the inspiration of this.)

-Is added to the necks of human a bite mark. The bite mark is added when the human is bited to drink or conversion to vampire.

- Added red eyes for children when you run for first time the V4. The eyes are added from children to teen.

- Added bloody makeup in the body when you kill or turn a sim.

- Removed the motive Bladder. Now appears in blank. Applied to all ages.

- Bite Mark:

The bite mark effect (bite mark) appear automatically when a sim is bitten so much if it is to be developed as if it is after drinking. Disappear with the time.

- Thirst Effect:

The thirsty effect (Red Eyes) occurs automatically when a sim receives the "Thirsty" moodlet and through "MadlyThirsty". It automatically disappears when they satisfy.

- Blood Effect:

The Blood Effect (Blood) appears automatically after drinking a sim. Disappear when you take a shower, a bath or a teeth brushing.

- Body Blood

The bloody blood appears when you turn or kill a sim.

- Creeper Childs

When you first run the V4 version, the mod will add red eyes to every child in the world. The eyes disappears when you become a young adult. Now I'm developing new interactions for childs to make them more amazing.

The script takes care of keeping the makeup in different layers, i.e., if your sim has a makeover, automatically will be placed over the blood, in where they string the blood effect, thus with all, in ways that you don't have to worry about bugs arising to the makeup.

The script also takes care of automatically generate an icon of the sim, so this icon shows the effects that have been applied. The icon of the sim is the image that appears in the Chooser sims (which is used to switch between the active family members) and the bottom menu (where the needs and everything else is seen).


This mod injects a lot of tunings. Please, read changelog in every version to get a history of total changes in the mod.


This mod modify and adds some moodlets (or also called buffs). For see the changes of existing one, go to changelog. Below are the list of moodlets added by the mod. More descriptions in ChangeLog

- Kill

This mod is triggered when you kill a sim.

(Completing this list with more buffs, please be patient)

Known Bugs
This mod, like more of them, has some problems. The bugs of this mod doesn't affects the game experience.

- As you can see, when the script add the red eyea, the original color of the eyes are deleted and when the vampire is satisfied, the color of the eyes is like this:

- Some interactions doesn't appears in all games.

Now, I'm trying to fix the both bugs.

Additional Credits

CmarNYC - She helps me a lot with scripting
NonaMena - For how to load moodlets
Diriel - For his fantastic method to add makeup to sims. I stolen his code .
Consort - For his code to toggle the interactions on off and the bladder
Armilus - For his constant attention, suggestions, great follower and support and for test some things in meshing. Thank you very much!
Deviantart - I found textures here
Google Images - Also for textures
Enirei - For her code to make me a template of interaction
LadyFrontBum - For her bite mark, that i have modifidd with blood.
Aikea Guinea - For some layers of the blood texture.
SleepyGenius - For his code for paying the blood in the hospital
Nihilluss - For his translations to Russian

Thank you very much also yo every people to help me in some things but I don't remember the names of them.

Thanks again for the people who request me features or new things to the mod in the comments.

Thank you very much to everybody. The mod maybe cannot exist with you. You are the best :lovestruc